Success Positive Affirmations

Chapter – 10 How Success Can Fail Without Positive Affirmations

Text from ancient Tamil Literature

Source:Ancient Tamil Text / Thirukkural / Chapter: 2.1.22. Energy; Kural:599
Text:Huge bulk of elephant with pointed tusk all armed,When tiger threatens shrinks away alarmed!
Meaning:Although the elephant has a large body, and a sharp tusk, yet it fears the attack of the tiger.


Having affirmations to assist in attaining an objective is extremely handy, nevertheless despite having the affirmations in position occasionally the goal never reach its preferred point. There are lots of feasible factors for this.

What You Ought To Know

Declining offers even though the offers are really lucrative is one way of disappointing the goal set. When there is no affirmation firmly in position in and around the circumstance or person, opportunities can be missed just since they appear overwhelming.

Having the ability to go beyond all assumptions can just be done if there is the existence of affirmation. The affirmation offers the much needed push to attain more than anticipated, therefore without this only mediocre standards and outcomes might follow.

Quiting to relish every progress kept in mind whether huge or small is crucial in maintaining the affirmation advantageous. In understanding and acknowledging the development the affirmation accomplishes helps enhance itself to a different and also much more powerful level as well as without this boost of self-confidence things might subside.

Enthusiasm is an element that keeps most things alive as well as constantly grabbing new heights. Without the affirmation to maintain the enthusiasm to life, success may be elusive as well as unattainable.


Success fails when there are no good habits developed. Affirmation helps the individual to support himself in the direction of achieving the goal because of the excellent practices it promotes along the road in order to keep the objective “alive”. Creating as well as maintaining excellent routines via day-to-day affirmation empowers the success of the individual and also the objective.

Falling short a number of times is not uncommon when seeking a goal. However without appropriate positive affirmation it is not likely the person would certainly have the ability to rise to the celebration by taking advantage of the unknown reserve powers every individual has.