Correct Positive Affirmations

Chapter – 8 Mistakes to Avoid With Positive Affirmations

Text from ancient Tamil Literature

Source:Ancient Tamil Text / Thirukkural / Chapter: 2.1.22. Energy; Kural:596
Text:Whate’er you ponder, let your aim be loftly still,Fate cannot hinder always, thwart you as it will.
Meaning:In all that a king thinks of, let him think of his greatness; and if it should be thrust from him (by fate), it will have the nature of not being thrust from him.


As in everything, there are good and poor points. Affirmation is an excellent device to have in the face of misfortunes that require a favorable mindset. Nevertheless also the aspect of affirmation when not made use of properly can be worthless. For this reason these are some points that ought to be thought about when it come to the affirmation.

The Mistakes

Giving up too conveniently is among the usual reasons why objectives are not reached despite having the help of favorable affirmation. Creating a routine of sorts assists to enhance the affirmation day-to-day and also thus situation the lasting result to build on itself.

The suggestion is that every time the affirmation is talked louder or used the resulting way of thinking and self-confidence is multiplied. Therefore by quiting prematurely in the race in the direction of the objective the affirmation does not get the possibility to manifest positively.

Don’t vary the affirmations too much. Actually it would certainly be a good concept to stick to one affirmation up until the wanted outcomes start to take “shape”. The danger in having way too many various affirmations is that the mind comes to be overwhelmed as well as can not focus on the different affirmations and hence no genuine developments are experienced. Devoting one affirmation to one job each time is extremely sensible.

The capacity to concentrate the interest on the affirmation is also another crucial point to follow. When this is not done the mind can not focus on the objective properly therefore no actual results loom. Absence of normal focused focus on the affirmation translates to the mind being not able to show up any favorable forecasts for the mind to process.


If one has the ability to make an aware initiative to prevent making all the above mistakes after that possibly there is a great possibility in being able to attain success in using the affirmations to produce positive outcomes.