Positive Affirmations

Chapter – 9 Some Positive Affirmations You Can Utilize

Text from ancient Tamil Literature

Source:Ancient Tamil Text / Thirukkural / Chapter: 2.1.22. Energy; Kural:598
Text:The soulless man can never gain,Th’ ennobling sense of power with men.
Meaning:Those who have no (greatness of) mind, will not acquire the joy of saying in the world, “we have excercised liaberality”.


Occasionally, otherwise most times, people require positive affirmation to help them along life’s winding courses. These affirmations maintain the private focused on completion goal as well as give the necessary devices to persist.

Some Pointers

Below are a few of the various positive affirmations that any person can adopt right into their lives for that added boost in the ideal instructions.

Being positive about asking and obtaining every little thing requested for, assists to construct the confidence in the art of affirmation itself. This is more reinforced when there are signs of positive outcomes.

Being positive that whatever is received is ample as well as even in wealth creates the specific to prepare positively in regards to expectations.

Visualizing an overflowing and also healthy and balanced checking account is without question one of the most welcomed and wanted result.

The affirmation that every venture ventured brings abundant favorable results helps to generate the level of commitment offered to success.

Constantly verifying being on the obtaining end of good ideas is a great motivator as well as tourist attraction as this provides those around us a feeling of success as well.

Considering oneself as an entirely successful individual does influence both the body and mind. With this mind collection, people believe, act as well as bring themselves in different ways and also with a favorable way bordering them.

Affirming the reality that every endeavor finishes in total and also endless success not only attracts a greater degree of self-confidence, it likewise attracts effective people right into the immediate circle.


Success comes easily, is the supreme affirmation to have total rely on. Among the extra wonderful affirmations to have.