Change Your Thinking

Change Your Thinking, Move Your Life

The only thing in life we have direct control over is our ideas and our thoughts determine how we experience life.

You might understand of somebody who has what appears to be an ideal life … a caring family, a beautiful home, an incredible career …

However if this person is filled with negative thoughts, he or she is unable to completely enjoy what life has to provide. This person might be focusing instead on what is missing or what is perceived wrong.

You may also know of somebody who has actually dealt with a tight spot, lives a modest presence, needs to work two or 3 tasks to make ends satisfy, but despite the circumstance, constantly has a smile, a wave and an appreciation for whatever great in life.

Ask Yourself

The bright side is regardless of our present situations, we can pick our thoughts and how we respond to any scenario. We can select to be positive, caring, and pleased or negative, judgmental and important.
Recognize what is happening and stop yourself when you discover yourself caught in negative thinking.

Then ask yourself one or more of the following concerns:

How is this negative attitude serving me?
Am I ready to let something beyond my control consume my thoughts and destroy my day?
Is there something I can do about this to make it better?
How can I turn this negative thought into a positive one?

90 percent of our thoughts

Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, recommends that 90 percent of our thoughts are regular. If you find that the majority of your thoughts are unfavorable, it is because you allowed them to make themselves at home in your mind so they can now play as recordings, over and over once again. You might discover it tough to shut them out, despite the fact that you wish to.

Since 90 percent of what we think of is habitual, you can create brand-new thoughts to change the negative ones and develop brand-new thinking routines. A great place to start is by playing a plot.
Each time a negative thought enters your mind, acknowledge it, then find a favorable one to change it. Now this won’t constantly be easy, however it can be done.

You can be as conservative or severe as you like. Here are a few examples to get you began …

I work.The taxes on my income are ridiculous!
I have a home.I dislike cleaning my home.
I have adequate food to consume.My clothing are too tight!
I can stroll and own a vehicle.I had to park at the far end of the parking area!
I am warm in the winter.My heating bill is big!
I can striving.I am exhausted and my muscles ache!


The next time you are faced with an unfavorable idea, try taking control and making a favorable modification. In the well-known words of Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”